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Traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultations
with Sebastian Pole

What is Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Ayurveda and Chinese Herbal Medicine are the traditional medical systems of India and China. They are time tested and effective medical systems using herbs, foods, massage, meditation, seasonal living and relaxation as central tools on the path to helping you achieve the best possible health. They have an extremely safe history and are renowned for producing long-lasting benefits to people’s health.

Sebastian Pole

I have trained extensively in India and the UK in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and am registered with the main representative professional bodies; the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association and the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine. I have been in practice since 1998 and work as a general practitioner treating a broad range of conditions. I work as a general practitioner and specialise in dermatology and digestive disorders.

What to expect in a consultation?

The first meeting will last about an hour and involve an in depth consultation about your medical history, family medical history and your current health issues. This will involve me asking you questions about your diet, digestion, energy levels, sleep and predominant emotions. I will also take your pulse and inspect your tongue to gain further insight into the internal balance of the organs. The answers that you give and the information that I receive from ‘reading’ you help me to draw a picture of your unique and individual health presentation. You may come with a named ‘disease’ but it will be treated according to your own particular constitutional strength and manifestation of that problem.

There is a saying in Traditional Medicine, ‘Same disease many treatments, different disease same treatment.’ This means that, for example, two people with the same named disease, such as ‘insomnia’ would be treated not with the same ‘sedative’ medication but with unique treatments, as their presentations of insomnia will be different. Conversely someone coming for treatment for ‘constipation’ may receive the same treatment as someone wanting treatment for ‘migraines’ as the problem may have the same cause but just manifests differently in each of according to our own health tendencies and constitutional balance.

Traditional medicine is unique, personal and individually tailored for you.

At the end of the consultation I will make a diagnosis and then prescribe some herbs, dietary advice and some lifestyle suggestions. The herbs may be in a tincture, powder, tablet or tea form. They will need to be taken 2-3x/day.

How often do I need to come for treatments?

I will need to see you once a month in the early stages of treatment  and then less frequently as we progress depending on your needs.

How long does treatment take?

This is difficult to answer as it depends on many factors such as how long you have had a problem, how well you manage to incorporate changes and how much stress you are under but you should certainly be experiencing benefits after a few weeks.

Do I have to give up all my favourite things?

This depends on if they are benefiting your health or not. My job is to give you the best advice that I can so that you can achieve the best health. I will tell you what you need and then the choice of what you do is up to you.

How much does treatment cost?

The first consultation costs 90 and 42 for follow ups (VAT inclusive)

The herbs will cost about 1-2/day

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