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Sit comfortably.

Become aware of your body supported by the chair you are sitting in.
Bring your awareness up your spine.
Relax your face muscles, especially round the eyes, cheeks and jaw.
Soften your shoulders.
Move your awareness down through the chest to your abdomen.

Start to become aware of your breathing, your natural breath.
Are you breathing slowly or quickly, deeply or shallowly?

Start to feel your belly fill with breath.
Feel your belly button move away from your spine as you breathe in.
Fell your belly button move back towards your spine as you breathe out.
Practice this awareness for 10 breaths.

Become aware of your diaphragm sinking down into your abdomen when you breathe in, and feel it rise back up to its dome-like shape at the bottom of the ribs as you breath out.
Practice this for 10 breaths.

As you breathe out let go of all tension and anxiety.
As you breathe in bring all the energy and calmness that you need into yourself.
Practice this for 10 breaths.

Extend this cycle as you feel comfortable.

Now let your natural breath return.
Observe how you feel.
Gradually bring your awareness back to your body, room.
Open your eyes.